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Signs that you should take your cat to the veterinary

Often times it is easier to tell when our feline friend needs medical attention but most of the time we keep wondering if it needs a visit to Virginia Beach veterinary hospital. The trait of a good pet owner is willing to keep their pet away from harm. This also means getting their physical and mental health checked on a regular basis.

Since our furry babies can’t communicate with us in our language, we need to be attentive to their body language and change in eating habits. Most pet parents’ first line of response to any unusual behavior by their cat is checking the internet for symptoms and signs of any illness. Instead, you should be Googling for veterinarian near me and taking your furry baby to a pet hospital.

But being aware of signs and symptoms of some common feline illness always comes handy in treating it.
So, here are some signs that show that you need to take your cat to the vet.

Signs 1# your cat is acting differently:
Unlike humans, animals, especially cats tend to hide their pain. They do so to keep themselves safe from other predatory animals. This natural instinct of their makes it hard for us to detect any illness they have. In cats, some sure signs of discomfort are lethargy, weird behavior, shyness, avoiding interaction and negligence to grooming. If you see these signs in your cats, waste no time in making a vet’s appointment.

Sign 2# your cat’s appetite has changed:
Just like in humans, illnesses affect an animal’s appetite. Most illnesses often affect feline appetite; they might lose their appetite or gain it phenomenally. Similarly, drinking habits also get altered when a cat is not in a good shape. Thus, it is essential to keep a track of how and what your feline baby eats. If you notice any change in its diet, dash to your pet doctor.

Sign 3# your cat’s gums are discolored:
Cat’s gums can tell you a lot about its health. Pink gums are a sign of a healthy and hearty cat. If you notice that the color of your cat’s gum is blue or yellow, take him to the vet immediately.

Sign 4# your cat is walking abnormally:
If you notice your cat unable to stand on is four or limping, it could be a fracture, injury or arthritis. In such a scenario, don’t delay to take him to the vet.

Sign 5# your cat’s litter box habits have changed:
The best thing about having a cat as a pet is they are born litter trained. If you suspect you feline baby going to the litter box frequently or see him cry while urinating, he could be suffering from blockage or urinary tract infection. Similarly, if your cat drops outside the litter box very often, he could be having kidney stones or arthritis pain. One way to ascertain if your cat is suffering from any disease is by looking into the poops. If you see blood in the urine or stool, get him checked for any illness.