An Overview Of The Pap Smear Test

Do you know about smear tests? It is a test usually for women. A procedure for the diagnosis of cervical cancer in women is termed as a Pap smear test. There are different clinics and health facilities in the UK that offer these test. There is also smear test Liverpool for diagnosis of cervical cancer in women. Usually, health professional collects cervix cell from your body. The cervix is the lower and narrow end of your uterus that is at the opening of your vaginal hole. If you detect cervical cancer results through Pap smear test, you may get better chances of cure and elimination of the disease.

Detection of changes in your cervical cells is possible through a Pap smear test. These changes are a sign of cancer possibility in future. If you discover these abnormal cells at an early stage will halt possible disease development that is caner.

Why the pap test

The specific purpose of the Pap smear test is the screening of cervical cancer. It is done with a pelvic examination, usually. If a woman is older than 30 years of age, it may also include the HPV test. It is a sexually transmitted disease that may result in cervical cancer. Some people go for HPV ignoring Pap smear test.

Who needs this test

It is upon you and your doctor to decide about the time and frequency of the Pap smear test. You must consult a doctor for this purpose. A doctor may suggest this test after you reach the age of 21 years and above. It is then you may have a check.


It is a general practice doctor suggests the Pap smear test every three years for women who are between 21 and 65 years of age. Women above thirty may undergo test after every five years if it is done with HPV. They may only go for HPV instead of a pap smear.

In case of risk factors, you may change this period and get more frequent tests. Here are some risks.

  • Cervical cancer or precancerous cells development
  • Infliction of DES before you are born
  • Infection of HIV
  • You have undergone an organ transplant
  • Smoking history

You should consult with your doctor about the risks and advantages involved in the Pap smear test. On recommendation and prescription, you must choose a reliable and registered laboratory for a Pap smear test. Your doctor may suggest one.