Best Pizza in Chester – DghDgh

A large vegan menu has been one of our missions since day one, before we even had a pizza oven. What do we mean by large? How does ‘over half of it’ sound? Yep, that’s how many of our pizzas and calzoni are vegan or can be ordered as plant-based options! There’s an inspiring vegan community in Chester, and we’ve always wanted them to feel welcome at Dough Dough. There’s no way we would have settled for one or two sad meat-free choices on our menu! 

While it might sound challenging to offer so many vegan options when cooking food from a country that relies so heavily on meat and cheese, you’ll be surprised to find out that veganism is growing in Italy too, slowly but steadily! Plus, let’s not forget that one of the most traditional Italian pizzas, the iconic Marinara, has been a vegan delight since the 18th century: tomato, garlic, oregano and oil.

Our local manager Beth and our Italian head pizzaiolo Gabriele have always worked together to blend traditions and innovations, and that obviously includes our vegan range.

“I took Gabriele to the Chester vegan market right outside the restaurant, before we opened,” remembers Beth, “and he literally couldn’t believe that all those different dishes and products were vegan.”

“I was shocked,” he confirms.

They decided that they wanted to impress their vegan customers in the same way. Our mission had begun.

Our vegan cheese

We’ve heard it so many times: cheese is the hardest thing to replace, when you go vegan. We weren’t having that! Our white pizza had to taste just as good when the mozzarella was swapped for vegan cheese. So what did we do? We started making our own! Kept in a vault like the Coca Cola formula—ok, we’re kidding, but it is a secret—our vegan cheese recipe is based on oat milk rather than soy or nuts. This allows more people to enjoy our vegan pizza, even those with nut allergies. Its texture is inspired by the creaminess of traditional bechamel sauce, and you know what? It melts perfectly in the oven. Try it yourself, next time you pop in!

Fresh vegetable combinations

Cheese aside, how did we create such a varied vegan pizza menu? It’s simple: instead of relying on meat substitutes—which don’t really get along with pizza ovens—we’ve always put fresh produce at the core of our menu. We’re proud to source our fruit and vegetables from local farmers. It’s a great way to ensure freshness and less packaging whilst supporting small businesses in Chester. Winning combo!

Gabriele and his team have worked hard to find the best meat-free combinations to create a palatable vegan selection on our main menu, and they regularly come up with new plant-based specials. 

How’s that for a large vegan pizza menu? Gabriele often goes back to Italy to scout for new culinary ideas, and we all enjoy getting involved with the local vegan community, so no need to worry: you’ll always find the freshest and best pizza in Chester when you come to Dough Dough.

Let it steal a PIZZA your heart!